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               MICHAEL J. OZERKEVICH




                                                                CAREER HISTORY




emc partners

Toronto, Ontario


October 1989 -


One of the founding partners of emc partners, a management consulting company with clients in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean, Mr. Ozerkevich has acquired a very large and impressive Canadian and international client base. A current client listing is available upon request.


Prime areas of consulting practice include: new business development; software and technology appraisals; assisting clients in attracting new investment; fraud and controls audits and control systems; micro computer security; health and social services regulatory compliance, Medicare structural reviews, software evaluation, strategic plan development and implementation, strategic partnership development, business planning, market feasibility studies, operational and efficiency reviews, program evaluation, and project management (specializing in EDI, OLTP, telecommunications, data storage, card technologies including smart cards and data base technologies in health, social services, banking and government). Michael has authored over 350 software and technology valuations and reports. Recent assignments include: review and audit of a major dental benefits program, valuations of software in the educational software, electronic games, aerospace, telecommunications, financial futures, banking, education, agricultural, automotive and medical office and medical records industries; successful development of a business partnership with a major municipality, a bank and a major information technology provider, successful raising of investment for a client launching a public offering for a high technology firm, project management for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation drivers system (automated kiosks), Ministry of Attorney General (automated fines collection project) project design, EDI technical feasibility study for CTS, development of the technical and business architecture for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Integrated Transit Fare System and the development of the financing and business model for the Ontario Road Safety Agency.


Mr. Ozerkevich has led major community consultation and community focus group strategies and has personally led over 500 such sessions.



Shared Health Network Services

Toronto, Ontario


September 1988 - October 1989

Responsible for the establishment of this company, whose purpose is the implementation of a national Point-of-Sale/Electronic Funds Transfer system throughout the health care field, and development of associated added-value products.


Accomplishments in this position:


.           led the design, development and implementation of Canada's first real-time, on-line integrated pharmacy and banking claims adjudication system;


.           led the winning of exclusive contracts for drug and dental claims processing from five of Canada's top ten insurance companies.


.           built a company of 35+ staff into Canada's largest third-party health care claims processor.



Price Waterhouse

Toronto, Ontario


May 1987 - September 1988


Responsible for the health care and emerging technologies practices.  Provided Consulting services in the area of point-of-Sale, strategic planning and implementation, and strategic and affinity alliance opportunities. Clients included:


.           two Canadian trust companies;

.           a major Canadian oil company;

.           two major hospitals;

.           a major Canadian health care insurer;

.           a major Canadian university;

.           large transaction processing companies;

.           several provincial government departments; and

.           several provincial health care associations.


Recruited to position of President and C.E.O. of Shared Health upon development of a business plan for this Price Waterhouse client.



Province of Alberta, Ministry of Social Services and Community Health

Edmonton, Alberta


July 1984 - May 1987


Chief Executive Officer of the Social Services Division of Alberta Social Services and Community Health.


Responsible for the overall direction and management of a division with over 6,000 employees and an annual operating budget of over $2 billion, which had responsibility for:


.           provincial social allowance programs;


.           provincial child welfare services and programs;


.           provincial services and programs for the dependent and handicapped;


.           provincial day care;


.           services and programs for victims of family violence; and


.           certain provincial pension and benefit programs.


Accomplishments in this position:


.           conducted a complete review of the Department's planning, allocation, budgeting, funding and accountability systems, leading to implementation of major reforms in the Department's policies and practices across all programs;


.           introduced productivity initiatives that saved the Department 10% in manpower positions and a further l0% in fiscal 1986-87;


.           successfully implemented the new Provincial Child Welfare Act;


.           developed and implemented departmental policies for privatization and contracting out of administrative services.




Province of Alberta, Alberta Health Care Insurance Division

Alberta Hospitals and Medical Care

Edmonton, Alberta


November 1981 - July 1984


Responsible for the delivery of the Provincial Government's health care insurance programs.


Responsible for the overall direction and management of a division with three branches and over 670 staff ($20 million annual operating budget) which had responsibility for:


.           the ongoing registration, for health care insurance purposes, of the population of Alberta;


.           premium billing for basic health services to individuals and employer groups, and for individual Alberta Blue Cross coverage.  Premium collections totaled approximately $200,000,000 per annum;


.           the processing for payment of practitioner claims under the Basic Health Services Program and for the payment of dental and optical benefits provided under the Extended health Benefits Program and Worker's Compensation Health Benefits under the Worker's Compensation Act;


.           administrative duties associated with the Emergency Financial Assistance Program and for the payment of out-of-Province hospital services.  Payments to health professionals totaled approximately $680,000,000 per annum;


.           continually evaluating the range of services and extent of benefits to be provided under the Health Care Insurance Plan and for the development of appropriate policy and program alternatives related to health care delivery in the Province;


.           the investigation of registration exemptions and registration irregularities;


.           planning, managing and controlling the activities of the health Care Insurance Division and responsibility for systems, micrographics and data entry for the total department.


Also responsible for:


.           chairing Provincial negotiations with the members of the medical profession and with fee-for-services health professionals.



Accomplishments in this position:


.           developed the division's first long-range business plan;


.           initiated and completed a major security review of the Division's operations;


.           initiated and supervised a full operational evaluation of all the Division's operations;


.           developed efficiencies and economies that produced annualized savings to division operations of  $3.5 million in 1984 (including a reduction of over 100 staff);


.           recommended to the Government, policy and procedure changes that would reduce cumulative revenue losses of $46 million and annual losses of $16 million (these recommendations were being implemented);


.           obtained government approval and funding ($2.8 million) for major new systems development;


.           introduced optical character recognition technology to replace keyed data entry.



Participated on the following committees in various capacities:


-           Member, Department Senior Management Committee

-           Member, A.H.C.I.P./A.M.A. Liaison Committee

-           Member, Inter-Provincial Committee on negotiations with the medical Profession

-           Chairman, Negotiating Committees for all professional fee-for-service negotiations for the Plan

-           Chairman, Departmental M.I.S. Committee



Management Information and Evaluation Division

Province of Ontario, Ministry of Community and Social Services

Toronto, Ontario


1980 - 1981



Ministry programs include Children's Mental, Corrections, Child Welfare, Prevention Services, Homes for the Aged, Mental Retardation Services, Family Benefits and General Welfare Assistance.


Responsible for the overall direction and management of a division with four branches and over 250 professional staff.  The Division was responsible for policies and programs for the largest decentralized social services delivery system in Canada and included the following:


.           the development and implementation of a major reform of Ontario provincial-municipal grant structures for social services;


.           funding policy development and implementation of Ministry programs (similar to previous position; responsibilities now included all Ministry programs);


.           comprehensive evaluation and audit of all Ministry programs and services (Ministry annual budget of $1.7 billion) including directly operated and transfer payment agencies;


.           developed and conducted operational "value for money" evaluations in the social services environment -- efficiencies, economies and opportunities for savings;


.           development and maintenance of all automated data processing within the Ministry including a new comprehensive income maintenance system (processing in excess of $700 million annually to welfare recipients across the Province) and a new comprehensive Ministry financial information system;


.           introduced new systems technologies (including "office of the future") to Ministry offices and programs (applications of IBM System 38 and the development of a distributed data processing network for the Ministry);


.           provided a broad range of management consulting services to Ministry programs and agencies;


.           provided statistical analysis, forecasts and simulations in support of Ministry operations and policy development.  Preparation of regular management information summaries and evaluations of policy initiatives.


Participated in varying capacities, in the following committees and task forces:


-           Chairman, Joint Ministry-Municipal-O.A.C.A.S. Task Force on Service Plans (1978-1981)


-           Chairman, Joint Ministry-Municipality-O.A.C.A.S. Task Force on Social Indicators (1978-1981)


-           Chairman, Joint Provincial/Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies Task Force on Funding (1978-1981)


-           Chairman, Ministry Standards Development Advisory Committee (1977-1980)


-           Chairman, Ministry Advisory Committee on Children=s Aid Societies Operational Reviews (1977-1981)


-           Chairman, Children's Services Division, Information Systems Task Force (1977-1980)


-           Member, Children's Services Division Policy Committee (1977-1980)


-           Member, Children's Services Division, Senior Management Committee (1977-1980)


-           Member, Inter-Ministerial Committee on Group Homes (1978-1980)


-           Chairman, Ministry Management Information Systems Committee (1981)


-           Member, Ontario Government Systems Council (1981)


-           Member, Ministry Audit Committee (1981)




Funding and Program Evaluation Branch

Province of Ontario, Ministry of Community and Social Services

Toronto, Ontario




Responsible for the overall direction and management of a branch of five units and over 60 professional staff which had responsibility for:


.           designing, developing and implementing the Ministry's new approach to the funding  of all children's services:  children's aid societies, institutions, mental health centers, group homes, probation and aftercare, detention centers, etc.  This approach saved the Province $6 million in the first year of introduction, with a forecasted further annual savings of $3.5 million in the second year on a total budget of approximately $120 million.


This included:


.           overall management of policy development and implementation;


.           financial and management training;


.           conducting reviews of agency budgets and supervision of budget units including payments to Children's Aid Societies;


.           developing and introducing the child population based allocation formula and service plan contracts;


.           heading budget negotiations with societies and municipalities;


.           preparation of Society budget instructions;


.           developing new Provincial-Municipal grant structures of children's services;


.           supervision and management of operational, management and efficiency and budget reviews of Children's Aid Societies and of other division programs and services;


.           development, implementation and maintenance of 15 distinct management information systems supporting division and Ministry management.  Provision of technical systems and records management support to the Division and its agencies.  Development of Division freedom of information policies;


.           policy development for all aspects of children's services financing and budgeting;


.           establishment of the Crown Ward Review unit;


.           establishment and implementation of rates of reimbursement costs controls for over 400 children's boarding homes (annual savings achieved estimated to be $1 million);


.           development and introduction of program evaluation methods for all Division programs and services.  Provision of data analysis to Division, Ministry and Government management.




Standards and Information Branch

Children's Services Division

Province of Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services

Toronto, Ontario





As one of four individuals brought into the Ministry to head a newly formed Children's Services Division, was responsible for the overall direction and management of a branch of 11 project leaders and approximately 40 consultants and researchers working in the following areas:

.           analysis, development, pilot-testing and implementation of divisional policies and procedures for planning, budgeting, funding and accountability;


.           development and implementation of 15 distinct management information systems projects supporting Division and Ministry management;


.           setting of standards and guidelines for all aspects of children' services programming in Ontario;


.           development of methods of monitoring, review and evaluation of Division programs and services;


.           supervision and management of operational management, and budget reviews of Children's Aid Societies and of other Division programs and services;


.           policy development;


.           development of procedures and supervision of budget negotiations for over 60 children's and youth institutions;


.           participated as one of the original senior managers in the structuring and integration of a new Children's Services Division.



Also responsible for the overall management and supervision of the Observation and Detention Home Program in Ontario (34 facilities and programs) including the implementation of a major expansion of programs and the implementation of the four level detention system across Ontario in 1978-1979.




Standards Development

Alberta Association of Child Care Centers

Edmonton, Alberta




Responsible for the development of a proposed set of standards and goals for all aspects of residential child-care and treatment.




St. Lawrence Youth Association

Kingston, Ontario



Founding Director, responsible for the development, supervision and management of the regional juvenile detention center, and of the therapeutic group home for young offenders operated by the Association.  A variety of innovative programs were established including the first successful provincial experiments in unlocked detention, home detention, advocacy and grievance procedures for children.




St. Lawrence Youth Association

Kingston, Ontario




Concurrently held with position noted above. Responsible for teaching and program development in a wide variety of subjects including child care, personality theory, experimental psychology, group home management, behavior modification and psycho pathology.  Additional responsibilities included:


.           Principal, Achievement St. Lawrence School (1973-1974).

Three classrooms for elementary school behavior and learning problem children.


.           Chairman, Faculty Evaluation Committee (1973-1974).


.           Member, QUAFHOP, Subcommittee on Health Technology Programs (Study Group, R.N.A. programs, 1972-1973).


ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Leadership and Management

Royal Military College

Kingston, Ontario




Responsible for instruction a variety of undergraduate psychology courses in the Department.  Additional duties included:


.           Research Officer

.           Drug Education Officer




University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia




In addition to normal graduate student duties, assumed responsibility for:


.           Instructor, Introductory Psychology and Personality Courses


.           Teaching Assistant, Organizational Psychology




Royal Roads Military College

Esquimalt, British Columbia




Responsible for the development and implementation of automatic data processing of academic records and supervision of graphic arts department as well as the normal duties of a university Assistant Registrar.  Promoted to rank of Captain.




Canadian Armed Forces Preparatory School (Adult Education)

Esquimalt, British Columbia




Responsible for instruction of serving enlisted men in senior high school subjects (English and Social Studies)



Canadian Maritime Headquarters, H.M.C. Dockyard

Halifax, Nova Scotia




Responsible, as a junior officer, for a variety of operations duties including preparation of reports and watch keeping.



PILOT, (Fixed Wing)

Various Training Locations





Obtained "wings" standards as pilot of various aircraft types including Chipmunk, Expeditor, and Tracker.



                                PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS





Doctoral Candidate 2003-2006 (Management)

University of Phoenix Online


Master of Arts, (Psychology), 1972

University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia


Bachelor of Arts, (English Literature), 1966

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario


In excess of one full year's post M.A. work in experimental methods, statistical methods, clinical testing, remedial reading and individualized instruction (Queen's University and University of Victoria).



Related Training


1.         Issues Ottawa:  Niagara Institute Ottawa, 1985


2.         Institute of Graphic Communications Seminar

Outlook for Optical and Video Disc Systems and Applications, 1983


3.         James Martin Seminar - Fourth Generation Data Processing Methodologies, 1982


4.         Canadian Armed Forces Drug Education officers Course, 1971


5.         Digital Equipment Corporation Digital Programming Course, 1971


6.         Canadian Armed Forces Middle Management Course - 1968


7.         Canadian Armed Forces Leadership School - 1967


8.         Canadian Armed Forces Flying Training (Multi-Engine), 1966-1967

9.         Program Analysis of Service Systems Training Workshop, 1976



                                    AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS



.           Canadian Armed Forces Post Graduate Scholarship, 1970-1971


.           Carleton University Residence Fellowship, 1965-1966


.           Regular Officer Training Program


.           Four year undergraduate scholarship, 1962-1966


.           Sullivan Award -"Integrity and Industry", Denis Morris High School, 1961



                           RESEARCH AWARDS AND CONTRACTS



Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario)



.           Contract to establish and operate experimental open detention and observation home for juveniles in eastern region of Ontario - approximately $155,000.



Ministry of Community and Social Services (Ontario)



.           Start-up grant for experimental therapeutic group home - $5,000



Ministry of Community and Social Services (Ontario)

Sports and Recreation Branch



.           Achievement St. Lawrence - $2,000



St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts

and Technology (Kingston)


.           Community Outreach Grant - experimental classroom for elementary school behavior problem children -approximately $25,000




                                    PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS



Ozerkevich, M.J., and Rutman L., "Effectiveness Reporting", Canadian Evaluation Society Journal, 1988



Ozerkevich, M.J. and Spraakman, G.P., "Adding Rigor to management:  a case study of structured systems analysis: Optimum (18-2) 1987, pages 22-37



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pages 27-31



Ozerkevich, M.J., "Aesthetic Construing:  A Personal Construct Inquiry".  Unpublished Master's thesis, 1972





"Smart Cards and Real-time Processing" - presented to the Ontario Financial Officers Conference, Toronto, 1988


"Care Technologies and Health Care Processing" - presented to the Canadian Information Processing Conference, Toronto, 1988


"Microcomputers and Smart Card Security" - presented to Lead Audit Methods Conference, Killarney, Republic of Ireland, 1988


"Expert Systems and Auditability" - presented to Lead Audit Methods Conference, Killarney, Republic of Ireland, 1988


Public Agency/Private Agency Relationships - A Canadian Perspective" - presented to the National Child Welfare Leadership Center, Santa Barbara, California, 1988


"Privatization and Community Enterprise" - presented to University of British Columbia's Executive Programs Conference:  Implementing Privatization - The Successful Transfer of Government Services to the Private Sector, 1985


"The Practicality of Medicare Economics - supply versus demand or if we can't afford what we've got, how can we afford what we need" - presented to the British Columbia Medical Association Retreat, 1983


"Constraints to Program Evaluation in a Government Setting" - presented to the Canadian Evaluation Society's Annual Conference, Victoria, B.C., 1983


"How to be Your Own Management Consultant and How to Survive an Audit" - presented to the Child Welfare League of America's Annual Conference, Toronto, 1981


"Issues in Funding for Children's Service" - paper at Finding a Better Way Conference, Toronto, 1978


"An Open Systems Approach to Standards Development" - paper presented at the Child Welfare League of America's Western Regional Conference, Calgary, Alberta, 1977


"Protecting the Child from the Child Protection System" - paper delivered at the Psychologists Association of Alberta Annual Meeting, 1976

"Standards of Care for Children" - Canadian Provincial Court (Family Division), Judges' Training Conference, Kingston, Ontario, 1976


"Practical Aspects of Behavior Modification in Community Based Programming" - delivered to the Western Ontario Directors of Children's and Youth Institutions Annual Meeting, London, Ontario, 1974


"The Reinforcing Capabilities of Television Distortion in Attitude Change - A Backlash Effect" - delivered to the third annual symposium of Psychology in the Air Force, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1972


1977-1987: over 100 addresses and workshops on funding, evaluation, productivity, privatization, systems development, negotiation skills and project management topics.



                                              SPECIAL PROJECTS



Assistant Professor

Department of Health Services, Administration and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta, 1982-1987.


Lecturer, School of Continuing Education (Business Practice and Administration),

University of Alberta, 1982-1987


Course Trainer

Project Management Skill Seminar - 1983-1987


Course Leader

Negotiation Skills Training - 1980-1987


Local Course Tutor

Psychology, Athabasca University, 1976 and 1983-1987


Instructor (Part-time)

Grant McEwen Community College (Canadian Penitentiary Services Staff College) 1976


Part-Time Sessional Lecturer

Faculty of Education, Department of Graduate Studies

Queen's University, 1975


Member, Observation Home Management Board

Family court Judges and Observation Home superintendents, 1975-1976


Back-up Counselor, T.A.K.

Telephone Crisis Service, Queen's University, 1972-1974



                                   PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS


Member, Canadian Evaluation Society


Member, Canadian Psychology Association


Member, Canadian Institute of Comprehensive Auditors


Member, Canadian College of Health Service Executives


Member, Canadian Information Processing Society


Member, The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.


Member, Institute of Public Administration of Canada






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